Saturday, July 30, 2011

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Farmers Insurance Loot Mastery Event FAQ

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Q:  When does this event begin?A:  This event is scheduled to begin on 07/29/11.  As with many of our events, this event will be slowly rolled out to our players to ensure stability within the game.  Due to the gradual release of this event it will not be immediately available to all of our players.

Q:  Why are new events always released to a limited audience?A:  When we release a new feature into the game, we want to ensure that it does not create instability and functions in the way that it was intended.  Although we try to release it to the wider audience as quickly as possible, it is imperative that we make sure that it will not interfere with your enjoyment of the game.

Q:  Can I manually be added this event if I contact Customer Support?A:  Unfortunately our agents will not be able to manually add you to this event.  The wider audience of players will be added in a gradual fashion and our agents do not have the means to expedite this process.

Q:  On what date is this event scheduled to end?A:  This event is scheduled to conclude mid-day on 08/05/11.

Q:  How will this event work?A:  Players will collect 7 different loot items.  There will also be two different boost items that players will be able to send as gifts.  Four of the items can be collected from doing

Q:  What are the boost items?A:  The two boost items are Protection Money and Lightning Defense.  The Protection Money will help players collect Farmers items from fighting and the Lightning Defense will help players collect items from jobs.

Q:  Where do the Farmers Insurance items drop?A:  These items will drop from jobs and from fights.  Four of the items will be found while completing jobs, while the remaining three you will be able to collect in fights.

Q:  Are there different mastery levels for this event for this event?A:  Yes!  When you complete a set you will earn the Airship mastery item.

Q:  What are the mastery levels?A:  There are four levels of mastery that each player can reach.  When you reach a new level the stats will increase until you reach the final level.
  • Bronze Mastery - 121/75
  • Silver Mastery - 131/80
  • Gold Mastery - 142/85
  • Ruby Mastery - 150/90

Q:  Can the Farmers Insurance items be gifted??A:  Yes.  User can gift each of the 7 items that are collected for this event.  This can be done through the gifting tab on your inventory page.

Q:  Is the Mastery Item gifted?A:  No. The Mastery Item cannot be gifted.

Q:  What happens when I have collected the final mastery item
A:  After you have collected the final set of items needed, you will be rewarded the Ruby level mastery item.

Q:  How do I keep track of what I have in my inventory?A:  There is a Farmers Insurance inventory tab that is located on the missions bar.  When you click this tab it will expand showing you the status of your items.

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Q:  How many of each item can I have?A:  Players can keep up to 10 of each item after they have received the Ruby level Mastery Item.  You can determine the number in your inventory by expanding the Farmers Insurance tab on the missions bar.

Q:  What happens if I find more than 10 of an item?A:  When you have more than ten of any item in your account a timer will start.  This timer gives you 30 minutes to post these items to your feed so that someone can collect them.  It is very important to note, that the timer begins with the first item over ten that you receive, and all subsequent items you collect during that time frame will be removed at the end of the initial timer if you have not gifted them away, or posted them or your feed.

Q:  What will happen if the items are not posted before the timer expires?A:  The items will be removed from your inventory if you do not post them in time.

Q:  Will I get any type of credit for the extra items that I do not post in time?A:  No.  This is part of the challenge.  The extra items must be posted within the 30 minute time frame or they will be lost.


Farmers Insurance Loot Mastery Event

Farmers Insurance Loot Mastery EventBeing a mobster is risky business. Collect insurance items to protect your assets in the Farmers Insurance Loot Mastery Event!
Collect Insurance
Find Farmers items dropped from jobs and fighting. Collect a full set of seven to earn the mastery item, an Airship (150 attack, 90 defense). There are four levels of mastery.
Send Boosts
Send 2 types of boosts: Protection Money to help collect Farmers items from fighting and Lightning Defense to help collect items from jobs.
Send Spare Items
All the Farmers items you collect have attack and defense strength. You can only keep 10 of each item, though, so be sure to send extras to your Mafia to ensure that they are also insured.
Enter The Farmers Sweeps
Visit the Farmers Insurance Facebook fan page for a chance to win a Wiseguy Weekend in Las Vegas!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Red Hot Slots All New Stash


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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Betrayal in Bangkok FAQ

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Q:  Why are you closing Bangkok? A:  Change is in the air and there are new and exciting things coming for Mafia Wars. 

Q:  What exactly does the closing of Bangkok mean? A:  After Bangkok closes it will no longer be accessible.  Although you will still be able to see in on the Travel menu, it will be grayed out and travel there will not be permitted.  Aside from travel to the city, this also means that you will not be able to collect form Bangkok properties or access the bank.  In addition you will not be able to vault or re-vault any of the collections after it has closed.

Q:  When will Betrayal in Bangkok mission event begin? A:  This event is scheduled to be rolled out to our players at 12:00 P.M. (PDT) on 07/27/11.

Q:  How long will I have to complete the mission before Bangkok closes? A:  You will have a week to finish the mission and to collect as much loot as possible.

Q:  When will Bangkok officially be closed? A:  Bangkok will be closing on 08/03/11.

Q:  Is the closing of Bangkok going to be permanent? A:  Bangkok will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Q:  What does the mission event entail? A:  You will have one week to complete the mission before the closing of Bangkok occurs.  During the event you will receive 5X mastery for finishing jobs in Bangkok.  In additional to the regular loot drops for the city you will also have the chance to loot a new and rare weapon bonus item.

Q:  What is the bonus item that can be looted with this event? A:  The additional bonus item called the 'Iron and Silk' will drop from Bangkok fights, jobs, and robbing.  It has attack strength of 74 and a defense strength of 73.

Q:  Will there be a mastery item that is awarded if I complete the Global Mission:  Betrayal in Bangkok? A:  If you complete this mission event you will be rewarded with the 'Dragontongue', which has an attack strength of 151, and a defense strength of 60.

Q:  Will I need to collect any special items in order to complete the mission event? A:  In order to complete the event you will need to collect 'Forger's Gloves', and 'Pirates'.  The Forger's Gloves will be used for completing the mission, and the Pirates are available in feeds to help you complete Bangkok.

Q:  How will I be able to collect the Pirates needed to complete the mission? A:  You can collect the Pirates by posting and clicking feeds about the event.  When a player posts a feed about the event, both the player who posted and the player who clicks the feed will be given the Forger's Gloves.  You can collect a maximum of 5 each day for clicking a feed, and a maximum of 5 each day for posting a feed.

Q: How are the Forger's Gloves collected? A: You can request the Forger's Gloves from the Free Gifts Page.

Q:  Are there a maximum number of Forger's Gloves that I can collect each day? A:  There are not limits to the number of Forger's Gloves that you can collect each day, however, please note that the maximum number of gifts that a player can receive each day is restricted to 200.

Q:  Will the Forger's Gloves and Pirates be available for purchase in the Marketplace? A:  These items will not be available for purchase.

Q:  What will happen to my progress in Bangkok if I do not finish in time? A:  All progress will be frozen and you will not be able to access the city.


New Global Mission: Betrayal In Bangkok (Complete 6 Mission)

Part 1
Urgent: Send Help

Part 2
Welcome Wagon

Part 3
It was a Trap

Part 4
The Shadow King's Fate

Part 5
Death to the Disgraced

Part 6
Bye Bye Bangkok


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Limited Time Item - Strike Soldier

There is a new item which is released for a limited time which can be built from the New York Properties page. The stats are crap, but i'll build one to gain another pixel in my profile page.


New Marketplace Item - Leopard Seal


Global Mission: Betrayal in Bangkok

Global Mission: Betrayal In Bangkok
Something has gone terribly wrong in Bangkok! At 12:00pm PDT tomorrow, July 27th, Global Mission: Betrayal In Bangkok begins, making it your job to uncover the traitors before Bangkok closes down.
You’ll have a week to complete the mission before you get booted out of Bangkok, during which you will receive 5X mastery for finishing jobs in the city. You’ll also get a chance to loot the new and rare weapon Iron and Silk (74 attack, 73 defense) from jobs and fights in the city soon to be closed.
You’ll need a few key items to finish Global Mission: Betrayal In Bangkok. You can request Forger’s Gloves from the Free Gifts page and ask friends to send you Pirates to finish jobs. If you’re successful in tracking down the traitors, you’ll earn yourself a Dragontongue weapon (151 attack, 60 defense) and escape Bangkok safely before it shuts down. Travel to Bangkok now!


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Ice Seasons 03


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Changes to Assassin Boss Fight: The Raven

Assassin Boss Fight: The Raven
After careful consideration of your feedback regarding the Assassin Boss Fight, we'll be making the following changes, which should go into effect tomorrow evening:
1) The Sniper Shot drop rate will be tripled.
2) The third achievement, "Requiescat in Pace Centesimus," will be removed. (Note: Anyone who already accomplished this achievement will get to keep it.)
We'll post a survey in a few weeks to see how you feel about The Raven under these new conditions. Until then,track down the Assassin to check out the new Sniper Shot drop rate!

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