Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mafia Wars Ice Board

Ever wonder where you stand amongst the other mafias? You can now view your ranking with the new Ice Board.
Read on to learn more about the Ice Board.

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Q: What is an Iceboard?
A: Iceboard is a weekly fighting leader board, which shows your rank within your Mafia and Globally, based on number of ices you get in a week.

Ice as many opponents as you can and rise above the ranks.

Q: How do I check my ranking?
A: Visit the Home page and look for Iceboard Tab just next to Family progression:

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User-added image
Q: How do I climb up the Iceboard?
A: Your ranking improves based upon the number of opponents you Ice in Fights as compared to other players. Ice more opponents and rise above the ranks.

Q: How often will my Iceboard refresh?
A: The Iceboard will be refreshed every 7 days and a counter on the home page will indicate the time left for next reset.
Fight now! Ice ‘em all and rise above the ranks!
-The Mafia Wars Team

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