Thursday, August 2, 2012

Edge of Triumph FAQ

Edge of Triumph Sale is here!
Purchase any 25 qualifying items* in the Marketplace to earn yourself a Javelin Thrower (220/120 in the Ruby Level)*. Read the FAQs below for more details regarding the Mastery Tiers.
Sale items also include 4 limited items, including Erazor (115/188), Springbok (188/116), Origami (115/188) and Iced-berg (188/116).
Edge of Triumph Sale ends on August 7th, 2012 at 11:59 pm (Pacific Time) after which these exclusive items will no longer be available.
*Only items selling in the Marketplace are eligible for this reward. However, items selling for less than 5RP, Treasure Chest items and Skill Point Reallocation are not eligible for the prize.
FAQs Regarding the Mastery Tiers.
Q: How does the Edge of Triumph Mastery work? What is the Reward Item?
A: Edge of Triumph has 4 Mastery Tiers – buy more items to get better stats on your Reward item. The Reward item is Javelin Thrower:

User-added image

Stats of this item vary according to the Mastery Tier. You get better stats on your Javelin Thrower when you purchase more items from Marketplace.

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Bronze Tier (Credited to your inventory, as soon as you buy items from Marketplace):
Reward - Javelin Thrower (160/90) - Buy 5 Items

Stats of the Reward item will increase on subsequent purchases from Marketplace:

Silver Tier
Reward - Javelin Thrower (180/100)- Buy 10 Items
Gold Tier
Reward - Javelin Thrower (200/110)- Buy 15 Items
Ruby Tier
Reward - Javelin Thrower (220/120)- Buy 25 Items

Q: Will I get multiple Reward items?
When you purchase any item from Marketplace (except Items selling for less than 5 RP, Treasure Chest Items and Skill Point Reallocation), your Mastery bar will be updated and you will be credited with a Bronze Level Javelin Thrower (160/90). Purchase more items from Marketplace to increase the stats of this item up to Ruby Level Javelin Thrower (220/120).

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Q: What will happen if I buy more items after reaching Ruby Level of Mastery?
Once you reach Ruby Level in the event, the stats of your Reward item (Javelin Thrower) will be updated to (220/120). If you purchase items from Marketplace further, the Mastery bar will reset and you will receive another Bronze Level Javelin Thrower. 

You can purchase further from Marketplace to increase the stats of your second Reward item up to Ruby Level.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of times I can Master this event?
There is no limit on the number of times you can master this event. However, this is a time limited Event which will end on August 7th 2012 (11:59 PM Pacific Time)
Race to these deals and claim your prize!
-The Mafia Wars Team

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