Saturday, December 3, 2011

Family Boss Fight: Dr. Sarah Swift

Family Boss Fight: Dr. Sarah Swift
Clyde Axworthy is being pushed out* by Dr. Sarah Swift, the new Family Boss who thinks there's not enough room for the both of 'em. Use the collaborative strength of your family to show her that she's not as dangerous as she thinks she is, and be among the top contributors to the fight for a chance to recieve the Supercharged Death Ray (201/201) when your family beats her!
Family Boss Fights pit your entire family against an epic boss. In the case of Dr. Sarah Swift, you'll have 7 days to reduce her 1,250,000 health to zero. (You may have more or less time to take out future Family Bosses.) Whenever the timer runs out on a Family Boss Fight, the boss' health resets and you will have another chance to prove your family is in charge.
*Note: If your family is currently engaged in a Family Boss Fight with Clyde Axworthy, you may have to complete that fight in order for Dr. Sarah Swift to become available.
If you're not familiar with how Family Boss Fights work, be sure to read our introductory post, otherwise get in there and show Dr. Sarah Swift what your family's made of!

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