Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Your Stats May Change (For The Better) With Henchmen Conversion

As was announced last week, the new Henchman category will be introduced to the inventory system very soon. Some players may notice that their total Armor stats will decrease when this happens. This is because many of the items previously listed in your Armor category will have been moved into the Henchmen group. Although this will primarily affect your Armor, there may be a few items from other categories that will be moved into the Henchmen group as well. If you notice a decrease in any of your original item categories, you should note an increase in your new Henchmen one, and your total combined score should actually be larger than when people items were categorized as Armor.
Mafia Stat Changes With Henchmen Conversion
If it appears that your stats have not adjusted correctly, try purchasing an item from a city store using city cash and then visiting your fight page. Doing so will trigger your inventory to update, at which point it should reflect your most recent totals for each category.
reprinted from Official Mafia Wars  

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