Friday, September 30, 2011

Biker Clubhouse

Biker Clubhouse

Following last week's Tad's Gun Shop, the Biker Clubhouse is our fourth limited-time-to-upgrade New York City property. You have until 12:00 pm PDT on Thursday 10/6/2011 to upgrade it to its maximum potential through feeds/requests. The Biker Clubhouse will retain the level to which you are able to upgrade it by the time the countdown timer reaches 0:00:00.

The Biker Clubhouse will allow you to craft some cool biker-related items, including ones with skill points when you've upgraded the property to higher levels.

We will be releasing a new limited-time-to-upgrade NYC property each week for the next few weeks, so stay tuned and get your Mafia to help by sending you upgrade parts!

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