Saturday, August 20, 2011

Power Packs & The Newly Renovated Hospital

Power Packs
Stamina Packs are being upgraded - to Power Packs!* These dual-purpose packs can be used to refill your stamina OR health, depending on where you use them and what you need at the time.
To fill your stamina to 125% of your max, use a Power Pack on your Home Screen. As with Energy Packs, you can use Power Packs to refill your stamina every 8 hours:
Power Packs on the Home Screen
To fill your health to 200% of your max, use a Power Pack via the newly renovated Hospital. You can use a Power Pack to refill your health every 10 minutes:
Power Packs in the Renovated Hospital
You'll also be given the opportunity to use a Power Pack whenever you try to do something for which you don't currently have enough stamina (robbing, fighting, etc.) or health (fighting, for example). When you attempt to do so, you will be prompted to use a Power Pack (or ask your mafia for them if you don't have any) or RP to refill the one you are lacking, which is indicated at the top of the prompt:
Power Packs in the Refill Prompt
Keep your mafia in the fight by sending them some Power Packs!*
*As with all new features, we're rolling out Power Packs and the renovated Hospital to a limited number of players at first to ensure stability. We will release it to the remaining players as soon as we can.

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