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Family Boss Fight FAQ

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Q:  When was this feature released?
A:  This feature was released on 08/22/11 to a limited audience.  Not all players will initially see this feature as we complete tests to ensure that it is working as intended.

Q:  Is this a permanent feature to the game?
A:  Yes!  When the final testing of this feature is complete it will be available to all players.

Q:  What exactly is a Family Boss Fight?
A:  The Family Boss Fight is a boss fight like no other previously released.  For this boss fight you will need to help of your family in order to achieve victory.

Q:  How long will we have to defeat the boss?
A:  You will have 7 days to defeat the Family Boss.  To keep you on track there will be a timer on the home page of the boss fight page, as well as above the leaderboard.  It is important to note that the current Family Boss feature will take 7 days, however, future bosses may be shorter/longer.

Q:  What will happen if my Family is not able to defeat the Boss within the 7 day period.
A:  This feature is a permanent and if you do not beat him in the first 7 days you will have the opportunity to fight him again.

Q:  If my Family defeats the Boss during within the 7 day time frame we will be able to fight him again?
A:  Yes!  Because this feature is permanent you will have the opportunity to fight him again each week to earn different rewards.

Q:  Do I need to be in a Family in order to participate in this boss fight?
A:  In order to participate in this feature, you will need to join or create a Family.

Q:  How do I join or create a Family so that I can participate in this feature?
A:  Instructions on how to join or create a Family can be found here:  http://support.zynga.com/cp_articleview?gameId=43&Id=kA160000000GooHCAS

Q:  Where will I find this boss fight within the game?
A:  You will find a new button on your home page called 'Bosses' with a number indicating that a boss fight is available.  Upon clicking this button you will be taken to the Family Boss Fight page.

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Q:  How do I begin the boss fight?
A:  After you have opened the Family Boss fight page you will be given a feature overview and prompted to select one of three different boss fight roles.

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Q:  What do Bruiser, Arsonist, and Racketeer do?
A:  Each character plays its own part in the boss fight, and it is important to remember that each role can ONLY cast on others.

:  Grants you the ability to cast the double damage buff on someone who has requested help.
:  Can cast a buff that will reduce the Boss's rage so that more damage can be done.
:  Resets your Fatigue so you reduce the cost of Stamina for your attacks.
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Q:  Which type is better?
A:  Each part plays its role in defeating the Boss.  The most important aspect is the coordinated effort of all roles in order to bring the boss down.

Q:  After I have selected a role am I able to change it?
A:  No.  When you select a role for the boss fight, this is what you will be until the boss has been defeated.

Q:  Are there consumables for this boss fight?
A:  Yes.  There are four different types of consumables that are available to help you with this boss fight.  These four consumable will become available as soon as you have started a boss fight.

Q:  What are the consumables for this boss fight, and where will I be able to get them?
A:  There are four consumables that can be used for this boss fight:

drops from Jobs and will do between 80-110 in damage.
Crowbar Swing
drops from Robbing, and will do 70 damage.
Sucker Punch
drops from Fighting, and can do between 90-100 in damage.
Rifle Round
is available by using the 'Ask' button, and can do between 100-130 in damage.

Q:  Are there limits to the number of consumables that I can have?
A:  Yes.  There is a limit of 20 consumables that a player can have in their account at any one time.

Q:  Will I be able to purchase consumables while fighting the boss?
A:  Yes.  If you run out of any of the consumables you will have the opportunity to purchase an additional 10 for 10 Reward points.

Q:  Can we use the consumables in specific combos to deliver an extra punch?
A:  Yes!  There are a total of four combos that can be used to deal incrementally more damage to the boss.  These combos are meant for self discovery and can be shared with your family.  Please note that with each upcoming boss the combos may vary, and some bosses may have more/less combos available.

Q:  How do I attack the boss?
A:  You can use the consumables that you have collected to attack the boss, or you can attack him directly using the stamina attack button located directly under the consumables on the boss fight screen.

Q:  What is the difference between attacking the boss with consumables and attacking him with my stamina?
A:  Stamina attack uses up stamina, and the base damage you do is based upon attack strength.  Consumables do not use Stamina, and they do a fixed amount of damage.

Q:  What is the Fatigue meter, and how does it affect the boss fight?
A:  The Fatigue meter increases each time that you attack the boss and is directly related to how much stamina that you use against the boss.  The higher the Fatigue meter, the more stamina it will cost you to attack the boss.

Q:  How can I reduce the Fatigue meter so that I can use the least amount of stamina possible?
A:  There are two ways for you to reduce the Fatigue meter.  The first is to ask your family for help by clicking the '
?' button on the boss fight tool bar.  This will alert your family that you need help.  For 5 Reward points you can also buy 5 Fatigue buffs to use yourself.  To purchase these buffs simply click the coin icon next on the boss fight tool bar.  When you have the Fatigue buffs available for use, they will automatically be applied each time you click the Attack button, therefore reducing the Fatigue meter.

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Q:  What is the Rage meter and how does the Arsonist affect it?
A:  The Rage meter for the boss increases each time that you attack it using either the consumables or the attack button.  The higher the Rage meter, the less damage that you are going to be able to do to the boss.  You can also request help from your family by clicking the '
?'.  Additionally, you also have the option of buying Arsonist buffs for 5 Reward points so that you can use them to reduce the Rage meter.  As with the other buffs, Arsonist is applied each time that you attack, and will bring down the rage meter, therefore increasing the amount of damage that you can do to the boss.

Q:  Is the amount of damage the Bruiser does related to the Rage or Fatigue meters?
A:  The Bruiser does double the amount of damage to the Boss, however, the higher the Rage meter is the less double damage that can be done.  In order to take advantage of the double damage that can be dealt, work with your family to ensure the Rage meter is as low as possible.  Like the other buffs, you can request Bruiser buffs from your family or you can purchase 5 at a time for 5 Reward points.

Q:  If I have chosen to be a Bruiser in this boss fight to do double damage, will I do double damage again if is use the Bruiser buff?
A:  The way the roles work, a player who has chosen the role of a bruiser must cast their buff on you.  Once they do, you will receive five charges, which means that your next five attacks (through stamina or combos) will do double damage.  You cannot buff yourself with the double damage.

Q:  What will happen if I request help and multiple members of my family seen me the buff that I have requested?
A:  Only the first request applied will count.  Other players who click should not have their casts complete.

Q:  How will I know if my family needs help?
A:  When you family needs help you will see this indicated on the leader board to the left hand side of the buff fight page.

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Q:  How many times can I can help my fellow players?
A:  Each player will have 5 buff items of their chosen character, either Bruiser, Arsonist, or Racketeer.  You can send these buff items to your fellow family members to help them on their side of the fight.  These will regenerate every 30 minutes, and you can only send them to your family if you have them available.

Q:  How does the leaderboard work and are there any benefits to be at the top?
A:  The leaderboard is based upon the amount of damage or activity that an individual family member contributes to the defeat of the boss. The higher you are on the leaderboard the better chance you have at getting a superior item.

Q:  What items are available as rewards for defeating the boss?
A:  There are three tiers of items that are available for taking the boss down.  The reward for defeating the Family Boss is awarded randomly, however, your chances of receiving a higher rated item will increase slightly by doing better on the leaderboard.  It is very important to note that there is a minimum amount of participation that each family member must perform in order to be eligible for a reward item if the boss is defeated.

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Q:  Does this boss fight feature further my progression in the Family Progression?
A:  No.  This is a separate feature and does not count towards Family Progression.

Q:  Is there any type of penalty for leaving the boss fight before he has been defeated?
A:  The boss fight is active until he has been defeated.  You can't leave the boss fight before then unless you opt to leave the family.  If you choose to leave the family before the boss fight is defeated, you will not be able to collect the reward.  It is important to note that the Boss Fight is owned by the Family.

Q:  If someone is attacking me while I am engaged in the Boss fight, will that affect by battle with the boss in any way?
A:  No!  Your health is not involved at all when participating in Family Boss fights, so you're free to play as you normally do while still participating and helping your family defeat the Family Boss fight.

Q:  How can I become most affective at dealing damage to the boss?
A:  This system is designed to encourage and reward tight cooperation between multiple players in the same family.  The groups who will do best are the ones who have a high level of coordination and a sound strategy for when to use their casts.  If you are interested in increasing your personal contribution, you should continue to increase your own personal fighting strength (attack skill, mafia attack) to do more damage, and by doing core game actions to collect consumables.

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