Saturday, July 28, 2012

Daniela's deal FAQ

Deposit your Reward Points with Daniela and earn great returns every week. Ask her no questions, she’ll tell you no lies, and you’ll double the money deposited by the end of the deal!
Please note: We are gradually rolling out this feature and you'll be able to view it in few hours if you haven't already.
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Q: What is the new feature all about?
Daniela’s Deal is all about earning double the amount of deposited Reward Points through weekly takes.

Q: How does it work? What are the benefits?
To seal a deal with Daniela, you need at least 260 Reward Points in your account. Once you deposit 260 Reward Points with Daniela, you will receive 10 Reward Points every week for the next 52 Weeks.

Q: How does this deal double my Reward Points? When will I start receiving the returns?
You will receive double the amount of Reward Points in the form of weekly takes of 10 RPs each for 52 consecutive Weeks.

10 Reward Points (need to collect every week) x 52 Weeks = 520 Reward Points (Double of 260 RPs)
You will receive the first take of 10 Reward Points as soon as you deposit RPs with Daniela. After the first credit, you will receive 10 RPs every Saturday for the next 51 Weeks. This amount translates to double the amount of Reward Points deposited with Daniela.

Please note that RPs will not be credited automatically. You will need to visit Marketplace > Daniela’s Deal and click on “Collect” button to collect the weekly take of 10 Reward Points.

Q: How do I deposit Reward Points with Daniela?
To deposit Reward Points with Daniela, you need to have a minimum of 260 Reward Points in your account. Please follow the below steps to deposit Reward Points with Daniela:

Step 1:
Visit Marketplace and click on “Daniela’s Deal” to deposit the Reward Points with Daniela:

User-added image

Step 2: 
Click on the “Seal Deal for 260 RP” button:

User-added image

Sealing the deal will deduct 260 Reward Points from your account and those will be deposited with Daniela for Weekly benefits.

You’ll receive a confirmation pop-up with the first weekly take of 10 Reward Points where you will also be able to buy Limited Edition items.

User-added image

Q: How long will the Limited Edition items be available through Daniela’s Deal?
A: The Limited Edition items will be available through Daniela’s Deal only for 24 hours after you collect your weekly take of 10 Reward Points.

Q: How would I know the date to collect the next take of 10 RPs?
 Once you have collected the first take of Weekly Reward Points, you will be notified through a countdown timer for subsequent collection times:

User-added image

When the timer expires, you will see the option to collect the weekly take:

User-added image

Q: What if I am unable to collect my 10 Weekly RPs in a particular week? Will these get added to next week’s take?
The weekly take of 10 Reward Points cannot be carried forward to the next week. If you are unable to collect the weekly take for a particular week, you will lose the take for that week.

Q: Can I request a partial withdrawal of deposited Reward Points from Daniela’s Deal?
Reward Points deposited with Daniela cannot be refunded or partially withdrawn. 

Q: Can I opt out or cancel this deal after I deposit Reward Points?
No, you cannot opt out of the deal once you have made the deposit.

Q: Can I deposit more than 260 RPs or deposit multiple times to be eligible for a higher weekly take?
 No, you can deposit 260 Reward Points with Daniela only once.
-Mafia Wars Team

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