Friday, May 25, 2012

Lexington Hotel is back

This Secret District had already been released in the past. Now it is back and you have the chance to complete or re-master it.

Q: What happens if I did not master Lexington Hotel before?

A: If you had not mastered Ruby before you will now have the chance to unlock Lexington Hotel and start progressing from where you finished last time.

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Q: What happens to my loots from before?
A: You will have the exact number of loots as before and will be able to continue collecting them to get more Skill Points.

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Q:What happens when I master Lexington Hotel on Ruby?
A: It will remain open until the district expires again.

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Q: What happens if I had mastered Lexington Hotel last time?
A: You will be able to completely reset the district and master it again.

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Q: What happens after I unlock the district for 35 RP?
A: Lexington Hotel Jobs will be reset back to start and you can master them again.

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Q: What will happen to the loots I had collected before?
A: Your loots will not be reset and you can continue collecting the remaining Skill Points until you have 50 of each loot.

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