Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mafia Wars 1 in the House

Thank you, Mafia Wars players, for your concern about the fate of Mafia Wars 1. To be clear, our dedicated team continues to pour its heart into the game. We are very excited about all of the new content and updates we have planned, and about our renewed focus on the top concerns we continue to hear from you, our players. Some of the things on which we are focused include:
  • • Bugs & performance issues that impact your game play -- especially those related to fighting.
  • • The number & rate of new features and events. We have heard your feedback about there being too much to do in too short a time. We remain dedicated to keeping the game fresh, but will try to do so without making it overwhelming. In fact, you may have already noticed longer timers, fewer events, and breaks between them.
  • • The gifting experience – You’ve told us it’s frustrating, difficult, and takes too much time; we aim to improve it.
We can’t fix everything overnight but, rest assured, we will be focusing on these items and any additional player concerns as they arise while also developing new content. We continue to be excited about the future of the original Mafia Wars, and we hope you are too! We are also excited about the addition of Mafia Wars 2 to Zynga’s collection of crime games and encourage you to give it a try. Thank you for your continued passion for Mafia Wars. We look forward to continuing to receive your feedback via the Mafia Wars forum.
- The Mafia Wars Team

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