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Chicago Missions

Joe Castellano final.png
Chicago City Missions are given by Joe Castellano.
There are a total of 9 city missions for Chicago. Unlike other cities the Chicago city mission set contains a small number of more difficult and time consuming missions instead of a large set of easy missions.
All missions unlock in the order displayed unless otherwise indicated.

Joe Castellano final.png

Quest icon chicago.jpg The Shootin'

"Think you got what it takes to survive in Chicago? Well, we'll see about that. Big Jim told me about you. You're the one who did up the Miller brothers. You sure know how to get rid of a couple of saps! Now I need you to do something for me..." - Joe Castellano
Joe Castellano final.png
"Nice start, but it doesn't get any easier. See if you can keep up!" - Joe Castellano
  1. Job: Dispose of the Bodies (35x).
  2. Fight 250 times.
  3. Get support from your mafia (20x). (Gift Requests)
Item drenchcoat 01.png
Icon attack 16x16.png49 Icon defense 16x16.png77 Mw tournament icon atk def.png126
Icon experience 16x16.pngVaries**
Chic clam sm.png100
Loyalty Coin.png15

Quest icon chicago.jpg Cut The Crap

Joe Castellano final.png
"Hey Player, I have what you're looking for, but I need to know I can trust you. Move this shipment for me and then we'll start talking." - Joe Castellano
Joe Castellano final.png
"You're a good fella. Take that, it should cheer you up!" - Joe Castellano
  1. Aqcuire 50 Body Bags.
  2. Win 100 fights.
  3. Collect from your Truck Shop 8 times.
  4. Loot 30 Flivvers from fights.
Icon experience 16x16.pngVaries**
Chic clam sm.png50

Quest icon chicago.jpg Duck And Cover

Joe Castellano final.png
"I heard there is a border patrol car up the road. You might want to find cover before they get to you!" - Joe Castellano
Joe Castellano final.png
"Well done. They won't be bothering you no more." - Joe Castellano
  1. Declare a War 8 times.
  2. Ice 30 opponents.
Item golden parrot 01.png
Golden Parrot
Icon attack 16x16.png79 Icon defense 16x16.png52 Mw tournament icon atk def.png131
Icon experience 16x16.pngVaries**
Fight-Explain victory-token.png15

Quest icon chicago.jpg Smuggling

Joe Castellano final.png
"For crying out loud, Player! Stop wasting time and get on with it! We don't have all day! Move the hootch or I'll get myself another smuggler..." - Joe Castellano
Joe Castellano final.png
"I'm impressed! Good job, Player!" - Joe Castellano
  1. Ask for 15 Satchels from your mafia.
  2. Upgrade your Truck Shop 2 times.
Icon experience 16x16.pngVaries**

Quest icon chicago.jpg The Job

Joe Castellano final.png
"Pantucci's men are looking for you. Don't worry about the noise. Just make sure you get the job done." - Joe Castellano
Joe Castellano final.png
"Nice going, Mac! Well done." - Joe Castellano
  1. Fight 225 times.
  2. Acquire 50 9mm Pistolas(Mafia Store:Chicago)
  3. Job: Dodge The Guards (40x) (Sam's Truck Shop)
Item weezle waster 01.png
Weezle Waster
Icon attack 16x16.png102 Icon defense 16x16.png67 Mw tournament icon atk def.png169
Icon experience 16x16.pngVaries**
Chic clam sm.png200
Fight-Explain victory-token.png20

Quest icon chicago.jpg Rum-Runner

Joe Castellano final.png
"No fooling around, they're waiting for you in Chicago... If you don't get there by midnight, you're history!" - Joe Castellano
Joe Castellano final.png
"Swell! Keep the change." - Joe Castellano
  1. Get support from your mafia (20x). (Gift Requests)
  2. Collect from your Truck Shop 5 times. (You can collect from Truck Shop every 8 hours)
  3. Win 50 fights.
  4. Loot 20 Michiguns from jobs.
Icon experience 16x16.pngVaries**

Quest icon chicago.jpg Dodging Dogs

Joe Castellano final.png
"Are you afraid of dogs, Player? I should tell you about Pantucci's dogs... when they like you, they like you. But when they don't..." - Joe Castellano
Joe Castellano final.png
"Glad to have you back in one piece! Good work." - Joe Castellano
  1. Ice 25 opponents.
  2. Build 5 Sinkers.
  3. Win 10 Wars.
Icon experience 16x16.pngVaries**
Fight-Explain victory-token.png25

Quest icon chicago.jpg Break-In

Joe Castellano final.png
"Do you have the necessary tools? You don't want the whole neighborhood to hear you now, do you?" - Joe Castellano
Joe Castellano final.png
"quote to be added." - Joe Castellano
  1. Loot 30 Lounge Lizards from fights.
  2. Job: Break Into Guido Pantucci's Warehouse (60x)(Sam's Truck Shop)
  3. Upgrade your Speakeasy 6 times.
Item fur collared vest 01.png
Fur Collar Vest
Icon attack 16x16.png68 Icon defense 16x16.png102 Mw tournament icon atk def.png170
Icon experience 16x16.pngVaries**
Chic clam sm.png200

Quest icon chicago.jpg Take Care Of The Bodies

Joe Castellano final.png
"Pantucci and his Jane never expected it. Do what you have to do. And clean up your shirt." -Joe Castellano
Joe Castellano final.png
"quote to be added." - Joe Castellano
  1. Kill 10 opponents.
  2. Get support from your mafia (35x). (Gift Requests)
  3. Loot 10 Drenchcoats from jobs.
  4. Take out 5 Pantucci Guards. (Requires 150Stamina icon.png)
Item hotsy totsy 01.png
Hotsy Totsy
Icon attack 16x16.png102 Icon defense 16x16.png65 Mw tournament icon atk def.png167
Icon experience 16x16.pngVaries**
Loyalty Coin.png30

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